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Non Woven
Use these non-woven hand pads as a replacement for steel wool to remove rust or to clean and polish metal surfaces. Our Non-Woven pads come in 6"x 9" size.

Grits: General Purpose, Very Fine,  Ultra fine, No Abrasive,  Coarse (Extra Cut)

Use non-woven discs to perform a variety of functions from deburring to blending to cleaning on all metal types or removing finishes in woodworking applications. 

Available in Heavy Duty Scrim Back, Clean & Polish, and High Strength and come in a variety of sizes.

These non-woven belts are ideal for deburring, blending of tool marks, cleaning off coatings and making beautiful scratch patterns. All non-woven belts are made with #4 butt joint only. Call for price and availability of other sizes.

Available in Coarse, Medium, and Very Fine.

Non-Woven Rolls
Save time and money by utilizing KLINGSPOR non-woven rolls.

Available in Clean & Polish.
Sizes: 4" x 30' ;  6" x 30'


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