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Here is the masking tape for critical paint applications. Made by the respected folks at Tesa, you’ll get consistent adhesion and excellent elongation characteristics. Plus, if the vehicle must be placed outdoors, built-in ultra-violet resistances enables this top-of-the-line tape to come off cleanly even after being placed in sunlight. Other tapes available are: Standard Grade Masking Tape and FineLine Vinyl Masking Tape.
KLINGSPOR offers many types of automotive covering materials to meet your needs in all areas of body work, with products such as Shieldfast foam aperture tape, Easy Cover Auto paper, and protective plastic sheeting.
Here’s the ticket for total tire masking at a very affordable price - Plastic Wheel Bag Maskers. They protect against paint overspray, dust, dirt, and other contaminants during finish repair. A built-in “cling” feature enables the bag to hug the tire for complete protection, plus it keeps the bag out of the way of air hoses and body technicians. The bags are made to hold the paint overspray to the bag so there’s no blow-off or flake-off during spraying or removal of bag from tires.
KLINGSPOR is pleased to be able to offer fine masking papers for use in your shop. These are perfect for overspray applications.


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