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Automotive Tools
Buffing and polishing are very important steps in the overall finished look after painting and coating. KLINGSPOR's AutoBody offers many different styles and brands. We also offer many types of buffer pads.
The DA sander is a combination disc and random orbit sander. With the flip of a switch, you’ll be able to use the DynaLocke as a rotary sander for stripping, leveling and grinding to bare metal or you can use it as a random orbit sander (with a 3/16” orbit) for feathering and finessing body panels. Available in 5" and 6".
The 8” two-hand dynaorbital supreme random orbital sander is much simular with the Dynabrade Palm version of the Dynaorbital Supreme, but offers the user more stability with a long handle. The 3/16” diameter orbit produces superior swirl-free finishes. Plus, at only 3.4 pounds, this 8” model weighs less than most other sanders and has a lower profile.
Dynabrade has made these tools specifically for leveling body filler, blending, paint stripping, and surface conditioning. The perfect speed of 900 rpm along with their gear-driven motors is the key to the top performance of the “Mud Hogs”. With two-handed operation, they offer excellent comfort and control, especially when working on vertical sides of vehicles. Two popular sizes are available 6” or 8”.
Here’s a new idea for Dynabrade - smaller board sanders that are adjustable to get into the hard-to-reach areas. Your wrist will be at the most desirable neutral position, even when sanding horizontally. The motor is extremely powerful and cannot be stalled, yet offers low sound and vibration levels. These Dynaline sanders use 2 3/4” x 8” and 2 3/4” x 11” pieces of PSA sandpaper.
This Mini Ratchet from Dynabrade is compact, lightweight, and ideal for confined working areas. You’ll find this tool will work great on small fasteners, dashboard work, and general tasks where full-size ratchets are too big. The mini ratchet has a built-in speed control, a rear exhaust, an insulated composite grip that absorbs vibration and isolates the user’s hand from cold air, an easy on/off switch for loosening and tightening of bolts, nuts, etc., and a non-marring head cap to protect work surfaces.
This tool is perfect where low clearance is a factor. The variable speed motor runs at 20,000 rpms and makes the total weight of this tool just 1.25 lb. The new composite grip absorbs vibration and isolates the operator’s hand from cold air and rear the exhaust directs air away from the work. Also available in straight-line.


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