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Technical Applications FAQ

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Popular Technical Questions about KLINGSPOR Products

Is there anything that we can use on our wide belt paper to slow down the glazing when sanding resinous woods?
There is nothing on the market that you could spray on a belt that would deter glazing due to loading. If your belts are polyester (inherently waterproof) or if they've been chemically treated to be waterproof, you can wash them and clean them out somewhat. Some shops are using a product called "Purple Power®" that is available at any retailer. It's ecologically safe so disposal is not a problem, and does seem to buy them some extra life on their belts. One other thing I might suggest is that when you are sanding soft, gummy or resinous woods, be sure your abrasive belts are Open Coat. This means that 50-70% of the grain has been removed from the backing so that as you sand and particles get packed up in the grain, they will have room to fall back out. Closed coat abrasives have 100% of the backing coated in grain and should be used for hard woods or metals only. They, of course, offer the best cut and finish because there are no gaps in grain coverage, but if you load the belt up before it's completely used, less life and finish will occur.




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