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 KLINGSPOR offers belts in all shapes and sizes. Planer belts, File Belts, Pump Sleeves, and many more. Our reference desk will give you a quick overview about Belt Joints.
With Paper Belts from KLINGSPOR a variety of applications can be accomplished from stroke sanding to wide belt dimensioning and finishing. Count on these products to take your workpiece to its best possible state. Custom sizes are available. Call today for the precise size you need.

Grits: 24 - 600
Check Materials Availability for product specifications.

KLINGSPOR Pump Sleeves are made of our flexible-backed aluminum oxide products. The added flexibility allows for optimum sanding slightly contoured parts like chair and table legs, gunstocks, etc. With these top-quality materials you'll realize long life sleeve life and superior finishes.

Grits: 60 - 500
Check Materials Availability for product specifications.

KLINGSPOR File Belts are made from materials that will withstand the rigors and stress that these belts tend to receive - high speeds and varying pressures. We offer dynafiles in AO, AZ, lubed AZ, CAO and Non-Woven materials.

Grits: AO, ZR, ZRL, CAO - 40 - 100
Non-Woven - CRSE, MEDM, VFIN
Check Materials Availability for product specifications.

A lubricated alumina zirconia material, CS 409 is ideal for tougher metals and for heavier weld beads and burrs. The dry lubricant aids in the reduction of generated heat.

Grits: 36 - 120
Check Materials Availability for product specifications.

Premium Wet or Dry Use Abrasive Belts will increase your production capacities. These belts for upright sanders offer unprecedented consistency for all glass-grinding situations. Heavy polyester-backed materials allow use either wet or dry. We carry an entire line of glass industry products. Check our catalog for more information.
KLINGSPOR Portable Belts are among the most popular in the country. The reasons are clear - our portable belts (belts that are run on standard "small" portable machines) are made of the same materials as our high usage production belts. Portable belts withstand heat and the often-times strenuous use that they are placed under. KLINGSPOR Portable Belts are available in several different material types to meet your specific need. Some available are LS309XH-Woodworking, CS311-Premium, and CS411-Planer. All are in a variety of sizes.
Whether production sanding or using for occasional clean up, a wide variety of cloth belts are available to suit your need. Use on metal, wood, plastics, stone, etc. We offer these belts in many sizes.


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