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Mounted Points
Below are the listings of our mounted point shapes. Check our catalog to get complete sizes and prices of all mounted points. Look below for recommendations and guidelines on our mounted points.

Red General Purpose Mounted Points - These vitrified wheels are made with a clay bond along with premium white aluminum oxide. They are best suited for grinding hardened tool steels which require a softer cutting wheel and will also effectively grind other materials such as hardened steels, glass, rubber, some stainless steels, wood, aluminum (hard), carbon steels and plastics.

Blue General Purpose Mounted Points - Also vitrified wheels, the blue mounted points are made with a porcelain bond along with regular aluminum oxide grain. They are best suited for grinding low carbon steels or pre-hardened tool steels which require a tougher bond strength. These wheels will also effectively grind in heavier duty applications such as foundry work on castings, weld grinding on ferrous metals, hard brass and hard bronze.

Safety and Use of Mounted Wheels - Mounted wheels should be used with all the safety precautions recommended for grinding wheels. Each wheel should be inspected before use to make sure that the wheel is not damaged or the mandrel not bent. Safe operating speeds are determined by shape and size, diameter of the mandrel and overhang (distance from end of support to base of wheel).

Do not exceed the speed indicated. • Do not use excessive work pressure. • Do not operate a
mounted wheel which is not carefully mounted and running true • Use face protection at all times.

It is good practice when starting hand grinders, to hold the grinder pointed down and away from the operator until full operating speed is attained. If excessive vibration is felt, stop the grinder at once.


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