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Specialty Abrasives
Flap discs have become commonplace in many, many production facilities and in the job shop as well. KLINGSPOR was one of the innovators of the flap disc design and continues to be at the forefront of the development.

Foam and sponge sanding pads are perfect for quick hand sanding of contoured or profiled parts.

The UltraFlex Sanding Pads are THE premium foam pads on the market. These incorporate a dense foam structure and a full, even coating of either aluminum oxide or silicon carbide grains. This makes for an extremely long-lasting pad that is very flexible for finish-sanding of contoured parts and profiles.

KLINGSPOR Cartridge Rolls and Spiral Bands are both used for metal and wood products.

KLINGSPOR Sanding Stars are the ideal tools for sanding  very contoured or profiled wood or metal parts. The Sanding Stars are made from a very flexible cloth-backed material making them perfect for finish sanding.
KLINGSPOR’s Mounted Points have been developed for safe, high performance use. Quality is consistently excellent, as you would expect from products with the KLINGSPOR name. And you’ll find this addition to KLINGSPOR’s offerings to be a welcome one. Over 70 different shapes and a variety of sizes, bonds, grits, etc. are available to suit virtually any need. Click on the "Product Specs" below to view a chart showing the shapes of all our mounted points.

Get the job completed precisely with KLINGSPOR’s quick change discs. Recommended for general purpose grinding, blending, cleaning, deburring and removal of weld beads and flash.

KLINGSPOR Flutter Sheets are manufactured from our flexible cloth-backed premium aluminum oxide material. Available in 80-320 Grits.
Convolute Wheels feature dense, non-woven construction. They are smooth running, non-metallic, soft and smear-resistant. They create less operator fatigue, no contamination of the workpiece, reduce gouging and provide a faster stock removal rate.
The Type 27 Depressed Center Unitized Wheels unique depressed center discs offer a new grinding and finishing solution for the metal working markets. They are manufactured using the popular and highly durable unitized material attached to a fiber-reinforced backing plate.
These Power Wheels will replace your wire wheels for removing surface contaminants while leaving a fine finish. Available in 4" and 6".


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