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Belt Slipping Tips

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Ask Tech - Belt Slipping Tips

In our continuing effort to create a reference for our customers on troubleshooting information, below please find our problems for this issue. If you clip this section or just keep this page in a file, it will build a troubleshooting reference for your use in the future.  These check lists are good regardless of what type of material you are sanding, as they are problem oriented in regard to the abrasive/machinery as opposed to workpiece based.

V.        Belt slippage

            1.  Belt tension too low.

            2.  Contact roll is worn excessively. 

            3.  Shock load on belt due to big variation in workpiece thickness.

            4.  Dirt or dust between belt and contact roll. 

            5.  Plain steel contact roll not providing enough traction for belt. Try serrated roll or knurl surface of roll. 


VI.       Belts splitting

            1.  Belt too flexible for application.

            2.  Burr on the contact roll or platen.

            3. Contamination on workpiece (nail, staple etc.) 

            4.  Excessive depth of cut or sanding pressure.

            5.  Contact roll and idler roll not parallel.

            6.  Abrasive material not heavy enough for application.

            7.  Variation in workpiece thickness.  

            8.  Sanding in only one area of the belt.  Stagger workpieces across the width of a wide belt.

            9.  Worn contact roll.


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