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Loading and Clogging Abrasives

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Ask Tech - Loading and Clogging of Abrasives

In an effort to create a reference for our customers on troubleshooting information, we’ll address one or two specific problems here each issue and provide a check list, more or less, of items to inspect for each problem. If you clip this section or just keep this page in a file, it will build a troubleshooting reference for your use in the future.  These check lists are good regardless of what type of material you are sanding, as they are problem oriented in regard to the abrasive/machinery as opposed to workpiece based. We’ll begin with

I.          Loading up or clogging of the abrasive

            1.  Switch to open coat product.

            2.  Excessive sanding pressure.

            3.  Excessive infeed pressure.

            4.  Inadequate dust exhaust.

            5.  Excessive belt speed.

            6.  Moisture content of wood too high.

            7.  Grit too fine.


II.         Shedding (Stripping) of abrasive grain

            1.  Excessive product flex; specify stiffer backing.

            2.  Depth of cut too heavy.

            3.  Excessive infeed speed.

            4.  Belt speed too low.

            5.  Contact roll too aggressive for application (smaller groove-to-land ratio needed).

            6.  Sanding in one area of belt only.  Oscillate the belt if possible, or stagger the workpieces across the width of the belt.

            7.  Contact roll worn. Redress roll.


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