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073 0220W 4.5"X5.5 FOAM 130/RL

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    073 0220W 4.5"X5.5 FOAM 130/RL

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    PS 73W is aluminum oxide material with a select mixture of stearates for less loading. Useful on sanding of solid surface materials and bare wood on flat surfaces. It will accomplish tasks from removal of scratches to preparation for high gloss finishes.

    This item was specifically developed to leave a soft scratch when profile sanding by hand. Stearated Aluminum Oxide Sponge Box Square Pads are KLINGSPOR's PS73W material that is applied to a pliable, yet durable foam roll.

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    220 Grit
    Material: PS 073W
    Grain: Aluminum Oxide
    Resin Bond
    Semi-Open Coat
    Backing: Kling-on, B-Weight Paper
    Double stearated

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