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ASST SF 1F 1M 1C SLV 3X2X3/4

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    ASST SF 1F 1M 1C SLV 3X2X3/4

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    KLINGSPOR's Sandflex 3-Pack Assortment is a set of 3 types of grit blocks. Each pack contains one coarse, one medium, and one fine grit. Get both the most value and cleaning range!
    Before using Sandflex: Do not use on painted surfaces unless you are attempting to remove or "scruff" existing paint; do not use on coated or plated surfaces; always test Sandflex in an inconspicious place before using.

    Sandflex is a simple, multi-purpose tool that can be used in both manufacturing facilities or at home. It is made of semi-flexible rubber compound with grits impregnated throughout the block. Make your belongings shine like new with Sandflex.
    Can be used wet and dry.

    Order in Quantities of 1

    Fine Grit
    Material: Sandflex
    Grain: Silicon Carbide
    Unspecified Bond
    Unspecified Coat
    Backing: Rubber

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