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CS710 80 Grit XF 3"X 96 #4 Belt

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    CS710 80 Grit XF 3"X 96 #4 Belt

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    This material is made of heat treated aluminum oxide, with X-flex cloth resin-resin bond, and closed coat. CS710 is suitable for polishing all ferrous metals and sanding on hardwoods because of its exceptionally long life.

    Tough Alumina-Zirconia grain that is resin bonded to a heavy weight cloth backing. It also tends to run a little cooler than typical abrasives, which makes it load less, making the roll ideal for tough drum sander applications.

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    3" X 96"
    80 Grit
    Material: CS 710
    Grain: Heat Treated Aluminum Oxide
    Resin Bond
    Closed Coat
    Backing: XF-Weight Cloth
    Heat Treated AO grain; flexible backing

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