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FMM Very Fine 4.5"x 30 FT Non-Woven Roll

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    FMM Very Fine 4.5"x 30 FT Non-Woven Roll

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    FMM Very Fine Non-Woven Flexible Maintenance Sheets have the softest nylon web, which provides great conformability.

    The nylon fibers of clean and polish non-wovens are small to medium denure with a fairly "open" web, and the resin binder is fairly light. This provides for a product that breaks down at a rate which continuously exposes new grain, does not load easily, and maintains a consistent and bright finish.

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    4-1/2" X 30 FT
    Very Fine Grit
    Material: Non Woven
    Grain: Very Fine
    Unspecified Bond
    Unspecified Coat
    Backing: Unspecified

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