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Heavy Duty Graphite Roll 10"X 50 YD

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    GRAPHITE 10X50

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    Heavy Duty Graphite Roll 10"X 50 YD

    Product Details

    Heavy duty graphite rolls reduce friction. With this ability, this product helps reduce the heat generated by sanders.

    Too much heat can "glaze" the surface of your wood and make finishing a real chore. Using spray adhesive to attach these graphite pieces on the platen of your portable belt sander or stroke sander will eliminate this little-respected problem. It will also extend the life of your belt sander.

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    10" X 50"
    Unspecified Grit
    Material: Graphite Canvas
    Grain: Graphite Canvas
    Unspecified Bond
    Unspecified Coat
    Backing: Unspecified

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