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Mounted Point A001 Blue, 36 Grit, 1/4" Shank

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    Mounted Point A001 Blue, 36 Grit, 1/4" Shank

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    Blue Mounted Points, also vitrified wheels, are made with a porcelain bond along with regular ALUMINUM OXIDE grain. They are best suited for grinding low carbon steels or pre-hardened tool steels which require a tougher bond strength. These wheels will also effectively grind in heavier duty applications such as foundry work on castings, weld grinding on ferrous metals, hard brass and hard bronze.

    Klingspor’s Mounted Points have been developed for safe, high performance use. Use with all the safety precautions recommended for grinding wheels. Inspect before each use. Carefully mount and run the points true. Operate at no more than recommended speed indicated. Do not use excessive work pressure. Use face protection at all times.

    Specialty Abrasives/Accessory / Mounted Points

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