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NW Hyperflex Medium 4"X 118 #4 Belt

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    NW Hyperflex Medium 4"X 118 #4 Belt

    Product Details
    Surface Conditioning materials are non-wovens that are laminated to a woven backing by "needling" the nylon fibers through the scrim. This provides rigity and support, while preventing the non-woven from stretching in belt applications.

    • Softest scratch for the brightest finish
    • Highest conformability
    • Open, flexible resin coating resists loading & heading build up

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    4" X 118"
    Medium Grit
    Material: Non-Woven Hyperflex Scrim Back
    Grain: Aluminum Oxide
    Resin Bond
    Unspecified Coat
    Backing: Scrim Backing
    Available in Belts and Discs.

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