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Nitro Electric Dynisher Finishing Tool 800-3K

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    Nitro Electric Dynisher Finishing Tool 800-3K

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    The Nitro Electric Dynisher is a fantastic finishing tool for blending and finishing stainless steel, leaving an in-line scratch pattern. It's also great on other metals, plastics, composites, and more. Features a variable speed dial, which allows one to change between 800 - 3000 RPM. A powerful 1000-watt (1.3 hp) power output insures enough power and torque on any surface. This tool's low center-of-gravity makes it easier to control and helps keep the line grain straight.

    Not only that, wheel changes are fast due to its right angle tool configuration with spindle lock. The multi purpose arbor accepts dynacushion pneumatic wheel and non-woven nylon wheels.

    1.3 hp, 120 V (AC), 9 amp, 1 phase, and 60 Hz. The 3/4" dia. arbor can be removed to allow threaded adaptors for mounting different threaded wheels.

    Made in USA.

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