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From a local glue manufacturer to a family-owned business that operates world-wide

Since the founding of our company in 1893 we have been leaving our mark on the history of leading-edge grinding equipment by introducing countless innovations. Our high-speed cutting-off wheels, grinding discs, abrasive mop wheels, and abrasive mop discs are only a few examples of major abrasive products that we managed to develop and successfully brought to market.

Black and white drawing of Klingspor glue factory. Text says Naxos Schmirgelwerke C. Klingspor G.M.B.H. Signature is Gegrundel 1893.


Johannes Friedrich Klingspor founded a glue factory in Siegen, Germany

black and white photo of large roll of coated sandpaper


First production of coated abrasives

Retro poster advertising waterproof abrasives. Features a stack of black paper or magazines on a red background, and a car. Text says Autopaper waterproof. Flexible, sharp, long lasting. Ditta Jeder Dr. E. Bruzzone vis Luccoli 22-2. Genova. Telef. 360-220


KLINGSPOR becomes Europe's 1st manufacturer of waterproof abrasive paper

black and white photo of 3 abrasive discs of different sizes. The 3 discs are standing on top of another big disc. Text says Kronen-Flex, Crown-Flex, cut-off wheels grinding discs


Development of high speed cutting and grinding discs trademarked KRONENFLEX

black and white photo of early abrasive flap wheels being developed.


Introduction of abrasive flap wheels

black and white photo of new manufacturing plant. It looks like the size of a sports stadium. It has simple fencing. On the top right, there is a small town in the distance.


KLINGSPOR relocates to Haiger, Germany

flat photo of early abrasive mop disc. The type is SMT 625. It has a yellow, ring-shaped label with a somewhat small, horizontal red stripe. Made in Germany.


Introduction of the abrasive mop disc (flap disc)

black and white newspaper scan. Header: Welcome to Hickory. 
The Klingspor logo is at the top center, with a photo of Walter Klingspor on the left and Gettfried Salma on the right. 
The subtext below the logo says Klingspor Abrasives, Inc., Hickory, North Carolina, an international manufacturer of coated and bonded abrasives. Ten other companies are listed below.


Christoph Klingspor opens KLINGSPOR Abrasives facility in United States. Production began with less than 20 people.

Facility Location: Highway 64-70 East, Hickory NC

Picture of three flag poles at the Hickory Klingspor Plant. From left to right: United States, Germany, and North Carolina.


Company moves to newly constructed, 60,000 sq ft. building.

Present Location: 2555 Tate Blvd, SE, Hickory NC

Picture of man with long sleeved blue shirt, a brown apron, and gray protective gloves. 
        He is using a grinder tool that has a yellow grinding disc. Sparks fly as the grinding wheel makes contact with metal.


Introduction of long-term grinding belts

Photograph of inside of Hickory manufacturing plant. Contains green tables, machinery, yellow pedestals, cardboard material. 
There is a bright blue conveyor belt across the top of the room, which sends products to the shipping section.


NC facility expands by an additional 60,000 square feet.

Picture of a grinding wheel. It looks like a cone that was cut in half horizontally, with a sizable whole in the center. 
It has white and yellow labelling and a horizontal blue stripe.


First production of grinding wheels in Poland


Logistic center put into operation

New patent pending quick change system for mop-discs

Development of high speed abrasive mops

Large group photo of employers and employees outside of KLINGSPOR's plant in Hickory. Everyone is wearing a white shirt and standing in front of a yellow delivery truck.


KLINGSPOR USA celebrates 25 years.

A wide group of people wearing yellow shirts. 
In the center, there are people holding a white banner with the klingspor anniversary logo. Behind the people are to yellow klingspor vehicles facing away from each other.


KLINGSPOR celebrates 125th year anniversary.