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Machinery & Air Pressure

Air Supply Recommendations for Random Orbital Sanders

Random Orbital Sanders

Sufficient air supply to portable sanding tools is crucial for proper finishing characteristics. If the air pressure is too low, random orbital disc sanders will be much more likely to create "swirl marks" or "fish hooks" on the workpiece.

KLINGSPOR recommends the following:
  • Maintain steady operating air pressure of 90 P.S.I. under load. Remember, this is not the same as the air pressure to the tool when it is not in use. Use gauge on the sander to determine actual P.S.I. under load.
  • Most palm-style randomorbital sanders require an air volume of 15 to 18 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM).
  • Compressor size should be a 5 hp, two stage design.
  • If using rubber or plastic air hoses with an inside diameter of 3/8", a maximum length of 20 feet from the iron air supply pipe is suggested.
  • Use larger I.D. hoses and couplings whenever possible. Standard hose inside diameters are typically 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2".
  • Also, make sure the couplings' I.D. sizes are no more than one size smaller than the hose I.D. Be sure male and female couplings are of the same I.D.
  • Always keep air tools properly maintained. Keep tools properly lubricated and clean. Replace worn bearings and backing pads. Keep mufflers and exhaust areas clean and unrestricted.
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