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Abrasive Troubleshooting

Belt Creasing

Possible reasons for creasing:
  1. Belt is too flexible (specify stiffer backing).
  2. Grit is too fine.
  3. Contact roll is tapered (cone shaped). Redress roll.
  4. Contact roll and idler roll are not parallel.
  5. Contact roll or idler roll are worn in the center portion.
  6. Belt tension is too low. It is also possible for the tension to be too high, although not as common.
  7. Dirt on the contact roll or idler roll.
  8. Tracking mechanism is damaged or defective.
  9. Worn bearing on the contact roll or iddler roll.
  10. Uneven belt stretch due to improper work feeding.
  11. Belt is not installed on machine straight.
  12. Moisture imbalance across the belt. Check humidity.
  13. Belt is improperly joined.
  14. There is a drop in air line pressure affecting tracking or tensioning mechanisms.
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