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Abrasive Troubleshooting

Belt Not Tracking Properly

Why Are The Belts Not Tracking?

Below is a list of possible reasons why a belt is not tracking properly.

  1. Belt tension is too low.
  2. Sanding pressure is too high or too low.
  3. Uneven sanding pressure
  4. Contact roll or idler roll is worn.
  5. There is dust between belt and contact roll.
  6. Variation in workpiece thickness.
  7. Alignment between contact roll and idler roll is incorrect.
  8. Belt stretched due to improper work feeding.
  9. Platen is out of position.
  10. Damaged belt edge interfering with tracking mechanism. Check for humidity imbalance. Also, try increasing belt tension.
  11. Belt tension overriding the tracking cylinder.
  12. Tracking mechanism is defective or out of adjustment.
    • Electric eye photo cell defective or dusty. Clean regularly.
    • Microswitch failure or damage
    • Air jet controlled tracking mechanism may fail due to drop in line pressure. Check jets for blockage.
  13. Contact roll is tapered.
  14. Belt joined or cut incorrectly.
  15. Idler crown area is worn (narrow belts only).
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