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Diamond Blade Basics

Last edited: 31 March 2022

KLINGSPOR offers a well-rounded line-up of traditional abrasive products, along with technologically advanced diamond blades to open up market opportunities in construction, water works maintenance and repair, and installation.

As with all other KLINGSPOR high speed cutting and grinding tools, the diamond blade line is covered by the  oSa seal of approval for safety.

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  1. Steel Core

    The steel core is the foundation of the blade, providing stability.

  2. Arbor Hole

    The area where the blade connects to the power tool. The arrow around the arbor hole is the cutting direction of the blade.

  3. Drive Pin Hole

    An additional hole on certain diamond blades.

  4. Gullet

    The gullet is the gap between segments. It expels debris and reduces operating heat.

  5. Segment

    Working portion, contains diamonds.

  6. Applications

    The color around the edges of the KLINGSPOR triangle describes the tool's application range.

    • Asphalt: Black
    • Tiles: Green
    • Stone/Fireproof: Blue
    • Concrete: Red
    • Universal: White
  7. Maximum Operating Speed & Maximum RPM

    The left side of the bar shows Maximum RPM (revolutions per minute), while the right side is the maximum operating speed given in meters per second.

  8. Dimensions

    Every diamond cutting blade contains information on dimensions in both units of measurement.

  9. Safety Pictograms

    The pictograms indicate how to use the diamond tools safely. They are located on both the left and right side.

Segments & Gullets

Segments are the teeth at the edge of a diamond blade where the diamonds and bond are held. They are also synthetic (man-made) for ideal shape and quality control. Meanwhile, gullets are the gaps between segments.

Types of Segments

There are various shapes of segments to suit their application. Below are some examples that KLINGSPOR has sold before.

Standard Gullet
  • Rapid feed rate
  • Exceptional cutting properties
Continuous Rim
  • Clean cutting edges
  • Work with superior precision
  • Short cutting times
Short Segments
  • First-rate cutting performance
  • Clean cutting edges
Narrow Gullet
  • Clean cut
  • Exceptionally smooth operation thanks to narrow segment spacings
Turbo Segments
  • Exceptionally smooth operation
  • Clean cutting edges
  • Fast cutting speed
  • Long service life
Wide Gullet
  • High feed rate

A Closer Look

Click to enlarge image.

Zoomed in view of KLINGSPOR's yellow diamonds
18-21% diamond concentration in segment of an EXTRA diamond blade & hard bond
21-24% diamond concentration in segment of a SUPRA diamond blade & medium bond
24-27% diamond concentration in segment of a SPECIAL diamond blade & soft bond

How to Choose the Right Blade

The biggest factor driving the decision for a diamond blade is the material that needs to be cut. Different areas in the United States have different aggregates.

A map of the United States with different colors signifying the type of rocks in those areas and the
         diamond blade series that's specialized for them.
RangeAggregate MaterialsRecommended Blade Types
SoftSoft Limestone, Sandstone, Dolomite, Limestone, Siliceous, Soft ShellDT 350 Series (EXTRA Line)
Medium SoftPit Gravel, Limestone, DolomiteDT 600, DT 602, and DT 612 Series (SUPRA Line)
MediumRock River Gravel, Traprock, Decomposed Granite, Crushed GravelDT 600, DT 602, and DT 612 Series (SUPRA Line)
Medium HardGranite, Slate, Traprock, Basalt, QuartziteDT 900, DT 902, and DT 910 Series (SPECIAL Line)
HardChert, Quartz, Flint Rock, River RockDT 900, DT 902, and DT 910 Series (SPECIAL Line)

Video Playlist

The DT 900 ACR Diamond Blade

Black circular blade with center hole, standard gullet, and klingspor logo print


The applications for diamond blades are vast. A large variety of industries rely on these tools. The DT 900 ACR (All Cut Rescue) reaches a new level. Specifically made for rescue services, this blade should not be missing in any fire department or rescue team!

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  • ✔ Very aggressive
  • ✔ Longevity: particularly stable connection between blade and diamond
  • ✔ Wet & dry cutting on almost every material

Applications & Materials

Construction materials, concrete, glass, rubber, wood & wood-based materials, plastic, metal, power cables, PVC tubes, bitumen, and more.


  • 9", 12" and 14" diameters
  • 7/8", 1" and 20mm thicknesses

We recently did rescue training with a fire station. Two firefighters did the testing, cutting up the hood of an automobile, each using our blade and the competitor's in turn. We could observe that KLINGSPOR's blade seemed to cut faster and this was confirmed by both testers, adding that our blade seemed to cut more smoothly and required less feed pressure.

Brian, Regional Sales Manager