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General Reference

Metal Finishes

Stainless Steel Mill Finishes

Finish TypeMeaning
#2BA mill cold-rolled finish. No abrasive used.
#3A 2B finish processed with #100 AO belt.
#4Dairy or Food Service finish. A 2B finish processed with #100 AO belts, followed by #120 AO finish.
#6A # 4 finish which has been buffed. A fine satin finish.
#7A #4 finish followed by #180 then #240 AO belts, the cut-buffed and finally color-buffed to a reflective finish. A bright finish with some grit lines still visible.
#8A #4 finish followed by #180, 240, 320 and 400 AO belts, followed by cut-buffing, followed by color-buffing to a mirror finish. No grit lines available. A convolute or similar wheel may be used instead of the cut/color buffing steps if acceptable.

Standard Aluminum Finishes

Finish TypeMeaning
M21 Smooth SpecularBelt polised to 320 grit then buffed with Tripoli buffing compound
M22 SpecularBuffing without prior belt polishing

Directional Textured Finishes

Finish TypeMeaning
M31 Fine SatinBelt polished to 320 then 400 grit
M32 Medium SatinBelts polished to 180 to 320 grit
M33 Coarse SatinBelt polished to 80 or 100 grit
M34 Hand RubbedRubbed with medium grades of steel wool or non-woven hand pad material

Standard Finishes on Brass and Bronze

Finish TypeMeaning
M21 Smooth SpecularPolishing to 320 grit then cut buffing with AO M33 Specular, M21 plush light buffing
M31 Fine SatinPolishing with AO or SC to 180 then 240
M32 Medium SatinPolishing with AO or SC from 120 then 180
M33 Coarse SatinPolishing with AO or SC from 80 to 120
M34 Hand RubbedRubbed with medium or coarse non-woven pad
M35 BrushedWire brush or polish with coarse grit abrasive
M36 UniformPolish with 60 or 80 AO or SC
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