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KLINGSPOR has a wide range of abrasives to suit every metal application.


Updated: 31 December 2021

Welcome to our latest informational section! Various metalworking-related topics will be added every month throughout the year.

Featured Videos

A 630 N Supra Fast Cut for Low Powered Chopsaws

Showcasing our A 630 N cut-off wheel on different materials.

How to Choose the Right Cut-off Wheel

A small comparison guide to help decide which wheel is best for your project.

Fast Cut, Stability, Low Temperature: Low Powered Chop Saw Wheels

KLINGSPOR offers three different wheels for your low-powered chop saw: A330N, A630N, and A930N. In this video, we are having a closer look at the details of each wheel, its use, and its benefits.


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