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Weld Removal

Grinding Disc vs. Fibre Disc vs. SMT

Last edited: 05 January 2022

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Weld removal is an application that gives you choices. Often it's just a matter of preference, however, there are advantages to all three, flap disc, fibre disc and grinding disc.

The following chart compares the qualities of the A 24 R Grinding DiscCS 565 Fibre Disc, and SMT 926 Supra.

Grinding DiscFibre DiscSMT Flap Disc
General Appearance:Disc with metal center hole and triangular yellow coverDark blue sandpaper disc with center holeDisc with surrounding, blue sandpaper flaps and concave center hole
Aggression/ Stock Removal:

Level 5 of 5

Level 4 of 5

Level 5 of 5

Speed:FastFastSomewhat Fast
Service Life:

Level 4 of 5

Level 4 of 5

Level 5 of 5

Surface Quality:


Somewhat uneven


Vibration Intensity:HighModerateModerate
Sound Strength:HighLowLow


Figure 1: A24R Grinding disc on metal surface. Line has several dents.
Figure 2: CS 565 fibre disc on metal surface. Several swirl marks can be seen.
Figure 3: SMT 926 disc on metal surface. Line is smoother with less marks.


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